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Operations on Array (Linear Equations)


I developed long time ago an app to solve n linear equations. the software performs all mathematics operations on arrays such as: multiplication, division, and inversion. In addition, the application is main duty is to solve NxN first order (Linear) equations with n variable.

All arrays used in this software could be in any dimensions (n×n).

Finding mathematics solution –  never was the code copied or located from the Internet.

100% self-solution written 



  1. Solving N linear equations (unlimited number of equations)
  2. Different operations on arrays: addition, subtraction, multiplications, divisions
  3. Friendly-user interface
  4. Ability to save inputs as well as results
  5. Ability to turn a result into an input by simple Copy-Paste
  6. User interface supports two languages: Arabic and English
  7. Totally free: no ads
  8. Compatible with: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP


The application has been downloaded hundreds of times


Visit my website to get some snapshots of the user interface + download


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